C.W. Stoneking





C.W. Stoneking, is an award winning musician/recording artist from Australia who draws influence from pre-war blues, jazz, 1920s calypso, folklore, and personal experience to create his original songs. Accompanied with his trusty National Resophonic guitar and tenor banjo, or with his brass band, the ‘Primitive Horn Orchestra’ Stoneking’s songs range in style from lonesome field holler blues, to hokum blues duets, to full blown jungle epics.

C.W. Stoneking’s album ‘King Hokum’ recorded in 2005, contained 11 original songs and highlighted C.W.’s skill as a composer as well as showcasing his tremendous vocal and instrumental style. Conjuring the atmosphere of 1930s Southern blues with Stoneking’s unique storytelling style, the backing of his band the Primitive Horn Orchestra, and the use of found sounds and samples. King Hokum is as original and diverse an album as it is an authentic sounding one.

C.W. Stoneking’s latest album, ‘Jungle Blues’. was inspired in part by Stoneking’s amazing experience as a survivor of a shipwreck off Africa’s West Coast. ‘Jungle Blues’ is available on King Hokum Records.

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